Sports of India

There are a number of sports played in India. And since the great country has got more than a hundred crores of people, many new and interesting games and sports are being carried out every day. Though, this is true that all of them do not get as much popularity as cricket has got in this country, but some of them really have the potential to achieve that level of popularity sooner or later.

India has always been recognized as the country of playing �rope tricks� and �black magic� to the western world, however, at that period of time in British ruled India those were in fact the added attractions for the tourists and other people to pay a visit to this amazingly �sporty country�. But those great players and performers did not have any kind of platform or could not do any kind of publicity or propaganda for their own great talents.

But, now the whole scenario has changed entirely. In today�s world there are numerous platforms to showcase the talent of a good sports person in India. This is the reason why now and in the recent past India has done really well in sports. Especially, in Chess, Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Double trap Clay Shooting and partly in Football and Formula one car race also.

Though, the games that are invented and originated from India have gone to the backseat, cricket has made its own religion in this country. This is the reason why you can find people in India who are at least �cricket literate� however they might not be much bothered about being �literally literate�. Cricket has actually taken all the popularity and conquered almost all the hearts of Indian people as far as its excitement�s concern. It has been proved many times in the past, and as a recent example we all know that India could not do well in the last world cup. But still cricket did not lose even a single inch of its popularity in this country. It even climbed up a great high during the IPL cup. Now India is the world capital of cricket with cricketers all over the world coming together and showcasing their talents in these 20 over games.

Indian tennis has also reached a great height in 21st century. There are many players who have achieved many remarkable goals to make the country proud and also to make their marks in the history of the game itself. Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza these are the names you can recognize instantly in India. They have won many grand slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles segment of the game. And it must be mentioned that Leander Paes has won the junior Wimbledon in his younger years and he has also won the bronze in the Olympics.

Like Cricket and Tennis- Indians have done pretty well in Football, badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Formula one car race, Golf and many other sports also. Such as in football there are Bhaichung Bhutia, Subrata Pal, Bruno Kutinho, IM Vijayan, Alvito D�Kunha and the list goes on�.In badminton there are Prakash Padukone and Pulella Gopichand (who won the British Open in the recent past), in formula one race there is Naraine Karthikeayan.

And other sports like archery, shooting and many more are developing and gaining popularity in a great pace.



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