Cuisine of Gujarat

Gujarati cuisine is traditionally served on silver platters to the accompaniment of rice and a variety of wheat breads. The famous Gujarati thali served at weddings consists of farshans, sweetmeats and a variety of sweet and sour chutneys and pickles. Food is not over-cooked in Gujarati cooking which helps to retain the flavour and texture of the component vegetables in a 'shaak' (sabzi) and also in 'kathol' (pulses). The greatest contribution of Gujarati cuisine to the rest of the country is mainly a huge variety of scrumptious snacks. Known as 'Farsan' in Gujarat (the word that denotes savoury and lives up to its meaning), constitutes an essential part of the Gujarati meal. These snacks are not very oily and very rich in taste. They are often complimented by spicy chutneys and hot pickles.


  • Khandvi

  • Batata Vada (Potato Dumplings)

  • Besan ka Cheela (Chickpea Flour Pancakes)

  • Dhokla

  • Channa dal Dhokla (Steamed Gram Cakes)

  • Thepla

  •  Bhakkervadi

  • Shrikhand

  • Doodhi Halva (White Gourd Galva)

  • Doodh Pak

  • Basundi

Other Dishes
  • Undhia

  • Dhabele (Double Roti, Kutch Style)

  • Gujarati Kadhi

  • Kachumber

  • Nutrela Chavli Ghugra

  • Handvo (Lentil Cake)



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