About Gandhinagar

Although Ahmedabad was entitled to be the capital of Gujarat state when the old state of Bombay was split into Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960, a new capital was planned 32 km north-east on the West Bank of the Sabarmati River. Named Gandhinagar after Mahatma Gandhi, who was born in Gujarat, it is India's second planned city after Chandigarh and, like that city, is laid out in numbered sectors and preplanned areas. Construction of the city commenced in 1965 and the secretariat was moved there in 1970.


Gandhinagar has seen rapid growth and development in eighties. The administrative centre is slowly turning into a trade centre and the efforts of establishing Electronic industries near Gandhinagar will soon change the face of the town. Private buildings, hotels and co-operative societies have come up. It has enlarged its limits to a considerable extent in recent years. Private institutions, service organisation, religious centres and educational institutions have also come up during the last two decades.

Places of Interest


Akshardham is a unique cultural complex built in Gandhinagar in memory of Lord Swaminarayan. Inspired by H. D. Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Akshardham is a miracle worked by the service and devotion of thousands of volunteers. It is an intricately carved, majestic monument of 6000 tons of pink sand stone. The entire monument was built without the use of steel. Besides a 7 feet gold leafed idol of Lord Swaminarayan and his holy relics, there are three exhibitions on Indian Culture with light and sound shows, a multimedia show and an animatronic show. The wisdom of the Vedas, the epics, the Puranas is depicted on a crowded canvas by the exhibition. The visitor comes face to face with personages who have made this land what it is. It is a perfect mix of modernity and ancient values. Apart from Lord Ram going in search of his kidnapped wife, the visitor can see Shravan, the dutiful son, the Pandavas losing the game of dice in the Hastinapur palace, etc. Besides the visitors can see Sabari's long wait for Ram and Draupadi's humiliation in the Kauravasabha. The Hall of Harmony projects world religious side by side. The monument is ringed by aparikrama containing 365 stone pillars. Nearest airport is located at Ahmedabad. Nearest railway stations are at Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various centres of Gujarat. Games, rides and food refreshments are other attractions of Akshardham.


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