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Culture of Kerala

Kerala�s population is predominantly Malayali-Dravidian in ethnicity. Kerala�s culture is a blend of Dravidian and Aryan ancestry with Jewish, Christian and Muslim influences.  

The states language is Malayali but the people also speak Hindi, Tamil and English. Kerala has its own Malayam Calendar which is used to plan agricultural and religious activities. Keralites�both men and women alike�traditionally don flowing and unstitched garments. These include the mundu, a loose piece of cloth wrapped around men's waists.  

Women typically wear the sari, a long and elaborately wrapped banner of cloth, wearable in various styles. Several ancient ritualised arts are Keralite in origin; these include kalaripayattu ("place", "threshing floor", or "battlefield") and payattu ("exercise" or "practice")). Among the world's oldest martial arts, oral tradition attributes kalaripayattu's emergence to Kerala.  

There are many famous personalities that Kerala can boast of. These include the freedom fighter V.V.Krishna Menon, K.R. Narayanan , former President of India , bokker prize winner Arundhati Roy, famous Indian actors Mammooty and Mohanlal and P.T. Usha, one of India's most famous atheletes.  

Kerala is also the abode of some of the most historical of landmarks which include the  The Alwaye Palace, Bekal Fort, Krishnapuram Palace, Mattanchery Palace, Hill Palace Museum, Koyikkal Palace, Vasco House, Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Arakkal Palace & Kannur Fort and the St. Francis church as well as the Paradesi Synagogue located in Kochi.



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