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Wildlife of Kerala

Kerala is home to a diverse variety of wildlife. The state contains many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks devoted to protect its biodiversity. The enthralling and alluring green forests include elephants, tigers, wild dogs, sambars, gaurs, leopards, and many indigenous and water birds gives the tourist a rare sight.

The various Wildlife sanctuaries include the world famous Periyar wildlife sanctuary at Thekkady which offers a lovely and comfortable way to see the wildlife via boat rides on a man made lake which is encompassed by the sanctuary itself , the Thattekad Bird sanctuary for viewing Keralas exotic feathered cratures, the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary which isa alos a forst resort, the Idduki wildlife sanctuary, the Chinnar, Peppara, Aralam, Neyyar, Peechi and Nagarhole sanctuaries all of which provide a unique view of Kerala�s varied wildlife.

The most famous National park in Kerala is the Silent Valley National park, which comprises the virgin forests of the Western Ghats and is home to the Asian elephant, flying squirrel and the lion tailed macaque.  Some of the extraordinary wild animals that tourists can see on tours of Kerala, are elephants, the Nilgiri Tahr, tigers, leopards, lion-tailed macaque, deer, monkeys, civet cats, squirrels which include the charming Malabar giant squirrel.

One can also can see different varieties of birds including woodpeckers, Malabar hornbills, kingfishers, cormorants, darters, plovers, and brahminy kites along the backwaters of Kerala. Visitors are likely to see many species of butterflies and moths, flutter by as you drift along the Kerala Backwaters. On the shoreline one can see many species of crabs, mudskippers, turtles and deeper in the water you can see fish and even crocodiles.

The Evarikulam national Park is also famous for its unique creatures. All in all Kerala is unique and a Mecca for wildlife lovers.



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