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Cuisine of Kerala

In the territory of palm trees, oceans and spices there is no dearth of delicious cuisine. The Keralite diet is based around the coconut. It is chopped, grated and used as the main course or as garnish. Coconut milk is used for thickening gravies and coconut oil is used for cooking. Breakfast is Kerala is the best meal of the day. One of the state’s specialties is “Puttu”, a dish of steamed rice powder.  

Traditional south Indian specialties, such as dosas, idlis, sambhar and uttapam are also part of the breakfast cuisine of Kerala. Typically the Keralite breakfast dishes include "Vallepam" - a frilly pancake made from fermented rice paste, cooked in a curved pan and served with stew or coconut milk. Also called hoppers, Vallepam is also made with egg and meat curry. Rice remains the staple diet of the state.  

A typical lunch or dinner consists of rice, dal, seasonal vegetables cooked with coconut and different spices for flavor, a seafood curry and a sweet dish for desert, such as "payasam”. Sweet dishes are usually made using rice, milk, sugar or jaggery and bananas. Being a coastal state makes Seafood abundantly popular in Kerala and a part of every meal.  

Apart from meals, various snacks are part of the gastronomical fare in Kerala. These include banana chips, murukku (friend rings made from a batter of rice, pulses and spices), shakaruperi (banana chunks coated with jaggery and ginger) and various kinds of halwa (thick pudding made from flour and sugar and flavored with fruits). Kerala loves good food and the state is famous for making ample use of its abundant natural resources.



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