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About Faridabad

Faridabad is a southeastern town in the state of Haryana founded in 1607 AD by Shaikh Farid, Emperor Jehangir's treasurer. Located 30 kms south of Delhi, it is planned in a semi circle with the Industrial area along the circumference surrounding the town. One of the oldest towns in Haryana, it is a bustling industrial town, although the district itself is the 12th one to be formed on 15th August, 1979.

It is bounded by Union Territory of Delhi (National Capital) on its north, Gurgaon District on the west and State of Utter Pradesh on its east & south. National Highway No.2 (Shershah Suri Marg) passes thru centre of District and divides the District almost in two equal parts. Faridabad, Ballabgarh and Palwal Railway stations are situated on Delhi-Mathura-Agra main railway line of Madhya Railway(CR). Faridabad is also called Industrial Capital city of Haryana.To protect the Delhi-Agra High Road, Faridabad was constituted a municipality in 1867. Faridabad Industries Association claimed it as 9th biggest industrial City of Asia. Faridabad is famous for Heena Production on agriculture sector while tractors, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes and tyres are other famous industrial products of the city. There are about 200 large & medium units & 15000 small-scale units.

Faridabad alone is generating about 60% of the revenues of Haryana. Being a project for Pakistani refugee resettlement after the partition, light industrial development was initiated in the town in 1950. Now famous for its tourist resorts, refugees laid down the initial infrastructure of the present Faridabad.

Places of Interest

Badkhal lake

It is located in Badkhal village, 32 km from Delhi. The lake fringed by Aravalli hills is a man-made embankment. A flower show is held every spring here. It�s name is most probably derived from the Persian word bedakhal, which means free from interference. Close to Badhkal lake is the Peacock Lake, which is another picturesque spot.

Baba Farid's Tomb  

The city of Faridabad is believed to have been named after Baba Farid, an eminent Sufi saint. There is a also a belief that it was he who founded Faridabad.  His  tomb in the town is a popular pilgrimage spot for the local people.

Suraj Kund Tourist Complex And The Crafts Fair

Situated at a distance of around 8 Kms from South Delhi, it is an ideal picnic spot. The Suraj Kund Lake here is surrounded by rock cut steps. Built by rajput king Surajpal Tomar, Suraj Kund represents the rising sun. Ruins of a Sun temple lie around the lake. The complex includes a beautifully done-up Rajhans, a pool of fresh water - Siddha Kund; its waters said to have healing properties and a garden.A delightful handloom and handicrafts fair is held here annually in February.  Skilled artisans from all over the country display the rich crafts tradition of India in the typical setting of a rural Indian marketplace. Cultural programmes like folk dances, magic, acrobats and rural cuisines are also a part of this colourful fair. One can also see traditional crafts being made and buy them direct from the craftsmen. Food is served in Banana leaves and claypots.


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