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The city of Agartala is vastly enriched with flora & fauna. The state of Tripura provides an exotic world that is full of surprises. Agartala is the capital of Tripura and climbed on the ladders of being known as one of the prominet states in Tripura only after Maharaja Krishna Manikya made Agartala his capital. This state of Tripura is surrounded on north, west and south by Bangladesh and on the east by the state of Mizoram, and on the northeast by the state of Assam. (Interactive map of Agartala)

Agartala offers a lot of various activies for the tourists with beautiful palaces, gardens, hills, temples and lakes. All this and much more is what attracts tourists to visit this city over and over again.

Agartala is a city that is filled with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Agartala offers some outstandingly beautiful palaces, gardens, hills, temples and lakes. Perfection is the word for the architectural monuments that grace this city. The red government buildings are in contrast against the remarkably usually white old British buildings that are still in existence and in use.

Tourist attractions of Agartala

The main attractions in Agartala are Ujjayanta Palace, State Museum, Tribal Museum, Sukanta Academy, M.B.B. College, Laxminarayan Temple, Uma Maheswar Temple, Jagannath Temple, Benuban Bihar, Gedu Mian Mosque, Malanch Niwas, Rabindra Kanan, Purbasha, Handicrafts Designing Centre, Fourteen Goddess Temple, Portuguese Church etc.



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