Adventures in Rajasthan

One of the most sought after sport in Rajasthan is the Camel Safari. The safari is organized to explore the golden sands of the boundless Thar Desert and the lucid countryside. While on a Camel Safari, one encounters an awesome diversity of flora and fauna.  

Horses were greatly priced and it was a symbol of pride for a Rajput warrior to own a good horse. Rajput horses were distinguished for their resistance and immense devotion for their masters. In Rajasthan, the tourist can have the joy of riding a horse that will take them through remotest villages, past colossal forts and temples. Nights are arranged in the ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts), evenings can be spent at campsites under the open sky accompanied by local folk dance and musicians.  

The Sand Dune Safari Camp continues to enhance an ideal sojourn on the desert excursion itinerary of group tourists, individual travelers, celebrated film-makers, photographers and adventure seekers from abroad as well as India.  

The Dune Safari camp facilitates to explore the unrevealed territory of the rugged terrain of the beautiful desert oasis. The sporting events in Rajasthan are quite unique and stimulating - includes Trekking, Horse and Camel Polo, Ballooning / Para-sailing, Golf, Kite Flying, Bicycling, Water Sports. Rajasthan's lakes, ponds, swamplands and grasslands are a paradise for its aerial population. Keoladeo National Park situated in Bharatpur is the chosen home of the bird life and is the biggest bird national park in whole Asia. This world famous Bharatpur National Park enjoys the pleasure of some rare migratory birds like Siberian Cranes and immense diversities of local population.



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