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 Imphal, the capital of the state of Manipur, is in eastern India. It is a small and beautiful picturesque city. Imphal lies in the Valley of Manipur River and is surrounded by the northeastern hills and vast plains of India's. It is also the state's cultural capital with lots of traditional festivals and shows for Manipuri dances arranged at regular intervals. The city is also handling the modern commerce for the state of Manipur as being one of the most visited parts of the state of Manipur. Various products of Manipuri origin like that of household industries, woven goods, brassware, and bronzeware, are collected from different parts of the state and marketed here in Imphal. Agricultural and electronics industries are also one of the main parts of Imphal's economy.

Once, the home of the royal families of Manipur, Imphal became the capital of Manipur State under the rule of Britishers in 1826. This small city has witnessed some of the most important battles in Indian history with recent ones being one fought in World War II and the other one being fought between independent India and China.

Places of Interest in Imphal

Temple of Shree Shree Govindaji

The temple of Shree Shree Govindaji was originally built in 1846 A.D during the reign of Maharaj Nara Singh.It was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1868A.D and again reconstructed during the period of Maharaj Chandrakirti.The temple measures 16.95m in length and 18.63m in breadth.The whole structure stands on a 1.34m high plinth.

Temple of Shri Krishna

The temple of Shri Krishna at Brahmapur Guru Aribam Leikai,Imphal is attributed to Maharaj garibniwaza(1709-48 A.D) and is beleived to have been built in 1722 A.D.The style of the temple is typical Bengal hut type architecture common in Bengal during the 18th century. It is indicative of the influence from Bengal The area protected is 124.2sqm. 

Thangal General

The temple is attribured to Kangabam Chitananda Singh popular as Thangal General in Manipur history .He is son of Kangabam Kshtri Singh of Wangkhei angom Leikai.Thangal General was a prominent figure in the court of Maharaj Kulachandra(1890-91A.D) and he was hanged to death by the  British for raising arms up against the crown,as follow up action after Manipurs defeat in the historic Anglo-Manipur war of 1891. The protected area is 650 sq.m.

Sacred Jackfruit Tree, Kaina

 Kaina is located in Thoubal district and is around 35Kms to the east of Imphal on the Imphal-Yairipok road.During the reign of Bhagyachandra Maharaj(1763-98A.D) the sacred idol of Shree Shree Govindaji was sculptured from the parts of a jackfruit tree cut from Kaina in complying to a dream in which the King saw the image of the lord,being sacred for the ardent vaishnavites,Kaina therefore assumed importance as the place where the image of the lord originated and consequently became an important religious and historical place for Meitei Hindus.The total area covered under the act is 22X18.40sqm.

Sekta Kei Mound

The site is located in village Sekta and is around 18Kms north east of Imphal on the bank of the Iril river and around 4Kms north of Lamlai on the Imphal-Uhkrul road.There are reportedly 6 well demarked burial areas in village Sekta.however only one burial mound was located,excavated and protected by the State Archaeology.The total area under protection is 0.35 acre.The excavation at the Sekta burial site revealed important informations of the burial customs of the Sekta people and their social and economic life.This has helped archaelogist and historians to reasses the historical process of the people of Manipur.



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