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Jamshedpur, as the burgeoning township of Sakchi was re-named in 1919 as a tribute to Tata Steel's Founder, is India's first planned industrial and most cosmopolitan city. It is a model of harmonious co-existence of industry and environment, with acres of verdant parks and gardens dotting the city and providing bucolic sanctuaries from the pressures of everyday life. New lungs are added every year to re-emphasise Tata Steel's commitment to cleaner and greener Jamshedpur. Tree plantation, an ongoing activity, found remarkable expression through the Green Millennium Countdown.  The city won international acclaim when it was selected for the 2004 Global Compact City award from the UN in India. It is a city that has proved that the progress of enterprise, the welfare of the people and the health of the environment are all inextricably linked.  

Places of Interest

Jubilee Park

This is a 200 acre park with a zoo and a lake and Nicco amusement park, namely Nicco Jubilee Park. It also has Laser show and the musical fountain.

Dimna Lake

8 miles from Jamshedpur, this lake nests at the foot of the Dalma hills. Being an artificial reservoir, it is one of the main sources for the city's drinking water needs. It also has facilities for water sports (jetskiing/rowing).

Rivers Meet

Rivers Meet is the confluence of rivers Kharkai and Subarnarekha. Located at the extreme North-West point of the city, it is a popular picnic spot.

Dalma Hills

In the North of Subarnarenkha river, the Dalma hills stretch over 16 km from east to west. It is famous for herds of wild elephants. It also has the facilities for trekking & mountain climbing.

Hudco Lake

In Telco Colony, Hudo lake forms a beautiful park and picnic spot with an artificial waterfall & man-made lake. It also provides a panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

Sir Dorabji Tata Park

It is located near Keenan Stadium and it hosts Jamshedpur's annual flower show in December.

Keenan Stadium

It was largely regarded as India's most beautiful cricket stadium until Mohali came up.



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