About Itanagar


The capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar is situated at the foot hills of Himalayas. The Nishi, also known as the Nishing, is the major tribe of the region. This city is scattered with light, earthquake-proof with astonishing wooden-framed buildings rising up the slopes of green hills. Traditional huts are strewn amongst the more recent constructions. The residence of the Governor is situated at one peak while a new Buddhist Temple is located at the other peak. Between them lie administrative officers, shops, daily bazaars and thatched houses.

Places of Interest 

The Buddhist Temple

It is a beautiful yellow-roofed shrine, rising from the grounds behind a stupo tree planted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The grounds of the temple afford a good view of Itanagar Town.

Ganga Lake (Gyaker Sinyi)

It is situated at 6km from Itanagar. The road leading to the lake goes through some superbly primeval jungles, Bamboo groves, orchids massed on tall trees. Stopping at the base of a hill, leads to a flight of steps uphill. It Is the most beautiful spot for outings, boating and picnics.

The State Museum

The display maps in the Museum cover a wide range of subjects such as the people, house types, festivals, dances, handicrafts, textile designs, musical instruments, weapons of war and chase, important developments, Malinithan, Itafort, Noksaparbat, Kundil valley civilization and historical sites.

Polo Park

It is an interesting little botanical garden atop a ridge overlooking the town. It looks a bit like a palm with spines on its stems, but grows as a bush. There is a small zoo also located at this place.



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