Tourist Attractions of Arunachal Pradesh



Tawang, the land of the Monpa and Sherdukpen tribes with centuries-old monastery, Dragon gates, hundred pristine lakes and numerous waterfalls, situated high up in the misty-eyed Eastern Himalaya. Savouring its wonderful isolation. The true beauty lies in the unpampered vistas, serenity of its lakes, restlessness of brooks, and the spiritual fragrance and ever smiling people. The soggy, rocky mountains, snowcapped summits and old Monasteries looming large in the skyline, are the real treasures of the place. The township stands on the spur of a hill over 12,000 ft. above the sea level. It is the major centre of the Mahayana Buddhist and the headquarter of Tawang district.

Tawang Monastery  

Tawang is famous for its 400 years old Buddhist Monastery locally called Gumpha.It is the fountainhead of spiritual life of the followers of the Gellupa sect of the Mahayana school of Buddhism. The Tawang Monastery is associated with the famous Torgva festival which is held in the eleventh Monpa month called the Dawa Chukchipah during Dec-Jan as per the Buddhist Calendar. The Tibetan influence here is unmistakable, with the elaborately painted wooden windows and other motifs. Prayer flags flutter in the breeze outside. There is an 8 meter high gilded statue of Lord Buddha here. A must visit is the craft centre which produces very fine woolen carpets of colourful designs and masks.


The headquarters of West Kameng district is situated at a height of 2,530 metres. Offers spectacular panoramic views of Himalayan landscapes and snow clad mountains. Bomdila, lies amidst apple orchards, wild orchids, forests and cascading waterfalls. This area has had strong Tibetan and Buddhist influences over many centuries and hence there are many Buddhist monasteries called 'Gumphas' here. There is a craft centre here which produces very fine carpets of colourful designs and masks. Other places of interest here are apple orchards and the Ethnographic Museum.


A modern settlement built in the vicinity of the ruins of a medieval capital. The capital of Arunachal Pradesh, it is a beautiful historic city, also known as 'the Land of the Dawnlit Mountains '. It is located to the east of Tawang and has been identified with Mayapur, a city of the 14th or 15th century A.D. Itafort is a historical fort situated at the heart of the capital complex in Papum Pare District. It is a fort of irregular shape, built mainly with bricks. Total brick work is of 16,200 cubic meters, length. There are three gates on three sides viz; Eastern, Western, and Southern which is said to be built by Ahoms. It is estimated that more than 80 lakhs of bricks, 45 cubic meters of stone and 46,300 mandays were required to build the fort. Besides this, other places of interest are the Buddhist Monastery , Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Museum , and Emporium and Ganga Lake where boating facilities are available.



A picturesque valley of the Apatani plateau to the north of Itanagar. The valley is surrounded pine covered mountains. The place is the home of Apatani tribes. High altitude fish farm, Pine Bamboo groves, villages, indigenous method of rice cultivation, craft centre are the major attraction of the place. The smell of the mist, the taste of the breeze and the sound of the forest make it worth travel. The place is an Anthropologist's delight.



Daporijo is a large village town situated at the confluence of the Sippi and Subansiri rivers. It is the District Headquarters of Upper Subansiri district and is situated on the right bank of River Subansiri. Places of interest are the local villages in and around and a beautiful cave a few kilometers away. The place is ideal for trekking and angling on River Subansiri.



On way to Along is the historical Malinithan temple. The Legendary Akashi Ganga, a point from which one gets an unusual over view of the Bhramhaputra and its tributaries. Mithun and Jersey cross breeding farm at Kamki, 25 kms from here is another interesting visit.


Headquarters of East Siang district, situated on the right bank of river Siang. Siang is the name of river Bhramhaputra in Arunachal Pradesh. A visit to Dr. D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary where wild buffalos, tigers, samber deer and wild ducks are found in plenty is a must. Other places of interest are the surrounding villages and the Emporium. Pasighat is Ideal for river rafting, boating, angling, trekking and hiking. The Bhramhaputra Darshan, festival has become a bi-annual fest.


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