Q1: I am looking for last years cut off marks for various courses at various colleges.But, I could not found anywhere on the net.Please let me know from where can I get this information - Mihir


Q2: Could you please tell the procedure and the documents required for admission process into xxxx College - Ashwin


Q3: Can I get into an unrecognized college? They are telling me that the recognition will happen soon


Q4: Give me tips for this year

A1: The DTE website used to have last year's cutoff marks once upon a time but they do not seem to have it this year around. The last years cutoff is not important for the later stages of the admissions where most of the admissions happen. Even then, it was pretty useful information. Knowing last years cutoff marks is important if you have very high marks and want to get admission in the earlier rounds itself. In general IT branch cutoff was very low and so was a good buy.

A2: Each state have colleges that have been provided additional resources by the state  (For example, Maharashtra has VJTI, COEP and two more). These have a separate form that applies only to those colleges. Unrecognized colleges may also have separate forms. All the other colleges have a common form. So make sure that you fill out the common form. All colleges require CET scores, so make sure that you take the CET test.

A3: Get into an unrecognized college only if you have no other college options and only after doing the necessary research. An unrecognized college is one step away from both recognition and closing down. Typically, colleges don't close down as the folks running these colleges are usually connected to regional and local politics. Be more careful about M.E. degrees though; they have higher probability of closing down if unrecognized.

A4: Make sure that you take the exams. With the abundance of engineering seats out there, you will be able to get in somewhere.

For NRIs and PIOs, an Indian engineering degree is a great buy on management quota. Better to get admitted in a big city like Mumbai, Pune, Vashi, Nashik and so on. That reduces the jealousy factor a little bit and reduces culture shock.

Anyone with a good CET score will have a great chance to get admission where they want. If you have a low score, you might get a call after the school year begins. As per last year, folks with CET score in the 40s were called for interview. Make sure you get counseling and plan for a late admission. BSc Physics or Maths are good waiting places if you are expecting delayed admission. Worst case; try CET exam again next year. With your BSc Physics, Chemistry knowledge, you can crack it more easily the next year, if you so desire. Plus the education will help you in your First year too; the Physics courses are the same and the Mechanics stuffs will be familiar too. All countries of the world are looking for Engineers without any doubt, make sure you have that degree!

Make your own plans so you have the drive to go through the process of obtaining a degree. Do not depend too much on friends and parents; you are the final owner of the plan and results.

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