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Tourist Attractions of Bihar



Vaishali was one of the earliest republics in the world (6th century BC).It was here that Buddha preached his last sermon. Vaishali, birthplace of Lord Mahavira is also sacred to Jains.


Patna once called Patliputra the capital of Bihar, is among the world's oldest capital cities with unbroken history of many centuries as imperial metropolis.


Rajgir,19 kms from Nalanda, the ancient capital of Magadh Empire. Lord Buddha often visited the monastery here to meditate and to preach. Rajgir is also a place sacred to the Jains, since Lord Mahavira spent many years here.


In Pawapuri, or Apapuri, 38 kilometres from Rajgir and 90 kilometres from Patna, all sins end for a devout Jain. Lord Mahavira, the final tirthankar and founder of Jainism, breathed his last at this place.


It is the place where several Jain Temples Exist.


Near the holy city of Gaya, the Buddha attained enlightenment. The tree that had sheltered him came to be known as the Bodhi tree and the place Bodhgaya. Today Bodhgaya, an important place of pilgrimage, has a number of monasteries.


A great centre of Buddhist learning, Nalanda came into around the 5th century BC and was a flourishing university town with over ten thousand scholars and an extensive library. 


53 km west of Gorakhpur, Kushinagar is where the Lord Buddha achieved mahaparinirvana. There are ruins here of many stupas as well as the chaityas and viharas that were built in latter times.


35 km from Vaishali, Muzaffarpur the "Lychee Kingdom", is one of the major towns of North Bihar, a short distance from other popular tourist spots Hazipur and Sonepur.


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