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Firozpur (Ferozepur)


The city of Firozpur (also spelt as Ferozepore), located in the Firozpur District in Punjab, was established alongside the River Sutlej by Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluq. Some historians opine that Feroze, a Bhatti Rajput leader, had founded Firozpur. Bhabras were the principal traders of Firozpur who migrated to Kot Isa Khan when in 1543 an epidemic struck Firozpur.

The area is believed to have come under the Sikh influence from 1758 onwards, when Adina Beg, Lahore’s Mughal Governor, suffered defeat in hands of the Sikhs. After about three years, Hari Singh, the leader of the Bhangi Misl, gained control over Kasur and the adjoining areas. Hari Singh’s brother Nushaha Singh, his nephews Mastan Singh and Gurbaksh Singh, and Gurja Singh, one of his Sardars, took Firozpur under their control. Later, when Gurbaksh Singh got Firozpur, it had a total of thirty-seven villages. When, in 1792, Gurbaksh Singh divided his entire possession among his sons, he allotted the territory and fort of Firozpur to Dhanna Singh, his second child. When Dhanna Singh passed away in 1819, he was survived by his wife Lachman Kaur who decided to go for a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Jagannath, Gaya and Haridwar. Before starting off, she placed the territory under the custody of Gurbaksh Singh, her father-in-law. Baghel Singh, Dhanna Singh’s nephew, pretended to visit Gurbaksh, gained entry into the fort and occupied it, during Lachman Kaur’s absence. Three years later, in 1823, Lachman Kaur returned from her pilgrimage and appealed to the British against the unfair occupation being enjoyed by Baghel Singh. Her case was represented before the Lahore agent by the Deputy Superintendent of Sikh Affairs named Captain Ross. Maharaja Ranjit Singh called Baghel Singh back, thus leaving Firozpur under the custody of Lachman Kaur. After the death of the childless Lachman Kaur in December 1835, the British Government gained possession over the estate. Two of Baghel Singh’s brothers claimed inheritance of the estate in 1838 and were turned down.

Firozpur, due to its strategic location in the north-western parts of India, witnessed a number of military expeditions. Owing to the carelessness of the British Commander in Firozpur in 1845, the Khalsa fighters could cross the Sutlej without facing any opposition whatsoever during the 1st Anglo-Sikh War. The British troops, in 1838, advanced from Firozpur to Kabul at the time of the 1st Anglo-Afghan War.

Firozpur holds a very special place in the heart of every patriotic Indian as three of India’s most valiant freedom fighters, namely Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were cremated here. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial now stands on the revered spot. Every year on March 23, which was the day of their execution, hundreds of people gather to pay respect to the fearless trio at the memorial. The city of Firozpur, is easily accessible by both rail and road from Delhi and Chandigarh.

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