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Tourism in Maharashtra

Ajanta & Ellora Caves
One of the most outstanding specimens of ancient Indian heritage are the Ajanta & Ellora group of caves. Maharashtra state treasures this mesmerizing caves which were accidentally discovered in the 19th century by the British. Ellora houses 34 caves while Ajanta houses 29 caves. Each cave depicting a tale from the Jatakas or depicting stories of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

Elephanta Caves
The Elephanta island is known for its great cave shrine, excavated in the 6th century. The island lies 10 km northeast to Apollo Bunder or Gateway of India. The island which was known as Gharapuri earlier is the glorious abode of Lord Shiva. This is land was renamed, Elephanta by the Portuguese who landed here, after the majestic carved elephant on this island.

Murud Janjira
Sea Forts like the Siddi fort of Murud Janjira and Jaigad near Ganpatipule, the famous pilgrimage place belong to the Maratha period.Many other prominent forts of the Maratha period still exist- Panhala, Purandhar where Baji Prabhu laid down his life holding back the forces of Siddi Johar at a narrow pass, since christened Pavankhind, and Lohagad

Lonavala and Khandala
On the way to Pune from Mumbai come the two pleasant hill stations of Maharashtra, Lonavala and Khandala. Set at a height of 625 m they are located on the western slopes of the Sahyadri mountain range. The two hill stations are 5 kms apart. Fascinating panoramic beauty adorns these places. Khandala being the smaller of the two is relatively calmer. The lush greenery of the mountains especially during the monsoons and the misty paths attract tourist like honey bees here. The silver waterfalls amidst the lush greenery are extremely magical. Lonavala's bazaar is filled with surprises. The beauty of this place is a refreshing experience

Bassein Fort
Located just 55 kms. (a 90 min. journey) away from Bombay, is Bassein, one of the most important sea forts of Maharashtra. The last bastion of the first sea-faring foreign power in India, the Portuguese. Built by Bahadur Shah -Sultan of Gujarat from 1526-1537, it was initially one of a chain of forts intended to guard the coasts against the Portuguese and pirates. The Portuguese however captured it and remodelled the fort, building a citadel inside.

Raigad also known as Durgadeshwar is the lord of all the 360 odd forts in the state of Maharashtra. Now you may wonder why is Raigad the king of all forts - but there is a very good reason behind Raigad being crowned thus. It is because Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who roused the patriotic fervour by his guru mantra, Hindavi Swaraj, which later, became his war cry, chose this fort as his capital. The fort was originally named Raigiri. It was renamed Raigad by Shivaji who was coronated on June 6, 1674

This place was discovered in 1850 and due to its greenery & shade it was immediately taken as the nearest hill station from Mumbai. Matheran is sightly above the plains so it is cool and provides respite from the heat of Mumbai. The place provides very nice views of the near by places, particularly on a clear day one can even see Mumbai from the Hart point. Though the local population of Matheran is very less but the visitors pour at this place frequently. Matheran has maintained the tranquility and peace by banning any kind of motor vehicle. The best season to visit this place is between November to June but the place is worth visiting any time of the year. During the monsoon the trails become very dirty and the place virtually shuts down. 

Situated at an altitude of 1334 mts it lies just 38 m below Mahabaleshwar. It gets name from the 5 hills around it. The way to Panchgani from Mahabaleshwar which is 18 kms is absolutely spectacular. The Krishna river that meanders through the farms, ravines and hamlets on one side and the coastal plains on the other side has a mesmeric charm. Panchgani has been a retreat for a long time. It displays architecture of Old British building. Parsi houses and the boarding school which would be almost a century old.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad, is one of the important Maratha forts having a colourful history linked with it. A history that echoes with the bravery of the Maratha conquest of Kondana fort by Tanaji Malasure. Today. 24 kms. south-west of Pune, battle-scarred, it rises intimidating, amidst the Bhuleshwar range




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