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Economic Situation in Maharashtra State

The State economy grew by 7.1 per cent during 1999-2000. In 1999-2000 the sectoral growth rates of State Income was 4.7 per cent in Primary Sector (agriculture and allied activities), 7.9 per cent in Secondary Sector (including Industries) and 7.5 per cent in Tertiary Sector. The preliminary estimates of the State Income (i.e. Net State Domestic Product) of Maharashtra at current prices as per (new series 1993-94) for the year 1998-99 was Rs.2,13,860 crore and the per capita income to be Rs. 23,849. At constant (1993-94)) prices, the State Income in 1998-99 was estimated at Rs. 1,45,420 crore as against Rs.132,342 crore in 1997-98. Thus, the State economy has registered a significant growth of 9.9 per cent in 1998-99 which is more than one and half times of 6.2 per cent growth in 1997-98.

Agricultural Production 

The foodgrains production in the State was around 120.5 lakh tonnes in 1999-2000, less by 5.7 per cent than that in 1998-99. The cotton (Lint) production increased by 8.7 per cent. The oilseeds production decreased by 5 per cent and would be 24.4 lakh tonnes. The sugarcane production is expected to increase significantly by 18.3 per cent and would attain a new peak at 558 lakh tonnes.

Livestock Production

The estimated milk production in the State in 1998-99 was 56.1 lakh tonnes. This was 8 per cent more than the estimated production of 51.9 lakh tonnes in 1997-98. The estimated eggs production (in number ) in 1998-99 was 294 crore showing an increase of 6.21 per cent over the production of 277 crore in 1997-98. The estimated meat production was 203 thousand tonnes in 1998-99 which was more by 2 per cent than the production of 199 thousand tonnes in 1997-98.

Industrial Production

From the available indications for the first nine months of the current financial year 1999-2000, it is surmised that the industrial production (manufacturing )in the State during this period is expected to register an increase of about 6.9 per cent. The corresponding increase in the earlier year i.e. 1998-99 was 5.4 per cent.

Power Generation

During 1999-2000, upto February, 2000, the generation of electricity in the State was 57,427 million KWH which was 9.2 per cent higher than that in the corresponding period of 1998-99. During the current year 1999-2000, on 15th February, 2000 the peak demand of 11,367 MW was met with 1,082 MW load shedding. The total generation of electricity in the State during 1998-99 was 57,973 million KWH and was higher by 4.7 per cent than that in the previous year. The overall electricity consumption in 1998-99 was 51,695 million KWH and was higher by 4.1 per cent than that in the previous year. As on 31st March, 1999, the number of agricultural pumpsets energised stood at 22.10 lakh.


According to factory statistics the average daily factory employment in the State at the end of June, 1999 was 12.36 lakh. Employment provided under the Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) during April-December, 1999, was 7.82 crore mandays as against 6.32 crore mandays provided during the corresponding period of the previous year. In addition to this, under the Jawahar Gram Samrudhi Yojana ad Employment Assurance Scheme, employment of 3.12 crore mandays was provided during the period April to December, 1999. The number of new registrations in Employment and Self Employment Guidance Centres in 1998-99 was 7.85 lakh showing an increase of 12.6 per cent over that of the previous year. The number of persons on live register of Employment and Self Employment Guidance Centres as at the end of December, 1999 was 41.84 lakh.


Scheduled Commercial Banks

The total number banking offices (branches) of Scheduled Commercial Banks in the State as on 30th June, 1999 were 6,209, which accounted for 9.5 per cent of the total banking offices in the country. The aggregate deposits of these Scheduled Commercial banks in the State at the end of June, 1999 were Rs. 1,33,246 crore which were higher by 9.4 per cent than those in the previous year. During the same period total credits were increased by 16.9 per cent to Rs. 96, 262 crore.

Small Savings

Under the Small Savings Scheme, during the year 1999-2000, by the end of December, 1999, the net collection in the State was Rs. 3,512 crore as against Rs. 2,882 crore for the corresponding period of the earlier year. During the year 1998-99, the net collection was Rs. 4,609 crore as against the target of Rs. 4,000 crore. The net Small Savings collection during 1997-98 was Rs. 4,209 crore.

Credit by Primary Agricultural Societies.

The primary agricultural credit societies advanced loans to the tune of Rs. 2,236 crore during 1998-99. The amount of loans recovered during 1998-99 was Rs. 1,796 crore which was 60.7 per cent of the amount due to recovery as against 56.1 per cent in the previous year. The loans overdue at the end of 1998-99 were Rs. 1,164 crore.

Price Situation

For the first ten months of 1999-2000, the price situation in the state was similar to that of All India. The Consumer Price Index Numbers compiled separately for the urban and rural areas of the State reveal that during April 1999 to January,2000 the rate of increase in prices decelerated continuously to reach negative level in the months of November-December, 1999. This rate was the record low for last two decades.


Literacy Rate

Based on recent National Sample Survey results, the estimated literacy rate (for the popu+lation aged seven years and above) in the State for the year 1999 was 75 per cent.

By the end of January,2000, out of proposed 55 fly-overs in Mumbai Metropolitan Area, 29 fly-overs are opened for traffic.



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