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Geographical  Profile of Pune

The city of Pune lies between 18 degrees 32 minutes North; 73 degrees 51 minutes East. It has an altitude of 559 metres above mean sea level and has a very pleasant climate. The Temperatures range from 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C. The best time to visit is October-March. The Winter Period is between Mid Nov to mid Feb characterised by Dry, cold nights, pleasantly warm days. The Spring falls in between Mid-Feb to end-March having Warm days and pleasant nights. 


Interactive map of Pune

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The Summers are comparatively pleasant starting from Early-April to late-May and is characterised by Hot days and warm nights. Recently the Summers in Pune are getting hotter. The Monsoon starts in Early June and ends in early October. The Average Rainfall here being 68 cm (annual average)
The City of Pune spans over 138 square kilometres with around 40 per cent of area under greenery. The Population here is around 4 million and the official language is Marathi. Marathi and Hindi are the two main languages spoken. English is widely spoken and understood. Gujarati, and other Indian languages are also used by the largely cosmopolitan population.

The population of this green, beautiful and peace-loving city is around 2.5 million. The present growth and popularity can be attributed to good climate, less pollution, excellent educational facilities and a good standard of living.

Geography of Pune

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