Tourist Spots of Mumbai

Chowpatty Beach
Chowpatty beach is not only a beach for Mumbai but it is heart of the city. This beach does not mean sunbathing and surfing. Chowpatty is a place where meetings were organised during the freedom struggle. 

GateWay Of India
When a visitor comes to Mumbai by sea he sees a 26 m high structure. This structure is called the Gateway of India. It is the icon of Mumbai. It was designed by Wittet and is built in the 16 th century architectural style of Gujarat. Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911.

High Court
Built in the English Gothic Style the building of Mumbai High court certainly meant to impress the native of might and justice of Britishers. The attractive building was built in 1878. The main structure rises 54.2 m in height and is surmounted by the statues representing Justice and Mercy. It seems that one of the local stone carver had something else in his mind and carved a blind ape as the statue of Justice.

Jain Temple
The Jain temple built in white marble is dedicated to Adinath the first tirthankara or apostle of Jains. The temple is decorated with paintings depicting incidents from the life of Tirthankaras. The first floor of the temple is particularly dedicated to Parasnath. His image has been carved out in black marble and images of planets adorn the ceiling as given in the Hindu mythology.

Mani Bhawan(Gandhi Memorial)
It is here that Gandhiji stayed during his visits to Bombay between 1917-34. This place has been converted into a memorial and a small museum has been made. The museum displays pictures and books related to the life of Gandhiji. There also a small library. Near Mani Bhawan is August Kranti Maidan from where Gandhiji declared the Quit India movement in 1942. 

Hanging Gardens
The Hanging gardens or Ferozshah Mehta Gardens were laid in 1881 on top of a reservoir on the Malabar Hills. This place has become a heaven for dating couples nevertheless the place provides a good view of the city. Nearby is the Kamla Nehru park. From the park one can have the best possible views of the Marine drive and the Chowpatty beach. The Kamla Nehru park was laid in 1952 and was developed mainly as a childrens' park.

Prince Of Wales Museum
Another structure to commemorate the visit of King George V. The building is build in Indio Sarcenic style and is set in an well laid ornamented garden. The central hall boasts of a huge dome which is believed to be inspired by the Golgumbaz. The museum was opened in 1923 and has an impressive collection of artifacts from Elephanta island, Jogeshwari Caves,

Taraporewala Aquarium
This aquarium was opened in 1951 and has a very interesting collection of marine and fresh water specimens. The aquarium was constructed at a cost of eight lakh and has shell & shell craft and fishery byproducts on display. A pipeline brings water from the sea directly for the marine species.

Haji Ali Mosque
This mosque is located in the causeway protruding into the Arabian sea. The white mosque is the tomb of Saint Haji Ali. Haji Ali was a wealthy Muslim who renounced the world and proceeded to Mecca. It is said that he died in Mecca and the casket miraculously drifted and came to the spot where the mosque is built toady. The mosque can only be approached during low tide.

Juhu again is a beach which is not for sunbathing or swimming. The beach is lined by Bungalows and high rise apartments which have now become part of the land scape.  Juhu beach is a crowded place with animal rides, balloons, acrobats, monkeys and cricket being played on the beach itsel

Nehru Planetarium 
Eight km from the center of the city is located a center which tells about the universe. the Nehru planetarium is engaged in recreating image of the sky as seen from any where on the Earth any time. It unfolds the mysteries of the cosmos. They also screening regular film shows on the outer space which are of particular interest for children.

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