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Face to Face with Manoj Bajpai

You're currently shooting for 'Ghaath.' What is the role all about?

Manoj Bajpai: "I play this unemployed city guy from the middle-class. He has dreams but he is not able to fulfill them because he does not have the opportunity. He is representative of so many city-bred youth who have quite a bit to prove but find no way to channelise their energy. So, they take up wrong deeds. It's a very serious issue we are dealing with here, but in the mainstream format with a realistic touch.

You are expecting 'Ghaath' and 'Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar' both in September.

Manoj Bajpai: "See, these two films are ready. Now it is up to the producers as to how they divide the dates. The producer and directors of both films are proud of their products. Both films fall into different genres and even if they were to be released on the same day, it wouldn't matter. It's just that the actor is the same. It's all about the product not the actor. According to trade people, September is not a good month because of shraadh and pitru paksh. That period will end on September 24th. So, one will release sometime in the last week of September and the other a week after that."

There was a rumour that you and Neha were at a restaurant and some people made some nasty statement against Neha. You interrupted and threatened those people.

See, I feel that nobody in this country has a right to say anything cheap to any woman. Neha is a very special friend of mine. And I have never taken this kind of treatment, whether in Delhi or Bihar. I find it completely disgusting and inhuman. Whatever capacity I may have been in Delhi or Bihar, I have raised my voice against this behaviour. People who indulge in eve-teasing may think that they are very powerful because they are in numbers. But, I think its cowardice. They do it because they know they can get away with it. I will not take it, whether it is Neha or my sister or my mother or anyone in that restaurant. And that's my stance towards this behaviour. I was beaten up even in Delhi. I was alone and I got beaten up and the women who were with me ran away. But that does not matter to me because I know their situation and as women they would not want to get involved. I registered a case and the police supported me. It's all about me than Neha. That's the way I am. In this case, I took a very strong stance and they left the restaurant

You are taking to comedy now with 'Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar'.

'DPMLY' is a tragi-comedy where the comedy lies in the situation, not in the performance. The comedy then turns into a tragedy. It's a very interesting film and it has shaped up so well that I am proud that I have done it. I played a major role in making it happen that at the end of the day I encouraged these people to make the film; people who were completely unknown to the industry. And I really hope that the film does well."




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