Interview with Kim Sharma
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Face to Face with Kim Sharma


You were first into commercials and music videos, and now a debut in a Yash Raj banner. How did the offer come about?

KIM SHARMA: "I have done a couple of music videos but I never really liked doing music videos, although I did two - one for Lata Mangeshkar and one for Ali Haider. But I prefer commercials much more. Yash Chopra had probably seen my work on TV so they called me and asked me to test. It was that simple."

: Now that you have taken a step further, will you return to do commercials?

KIM: "I will not return to television because now I feel I have taken a step forward. As a model…No, no more of it."

You are just 20 years of age. Don`t you think it is too early for you to haven got into films? And how was the experience as a whole?

KIM: "It was never like a goal thing in my life that I want to join films. I was modeling for like four and a half years and I think this offer came at the right time because by that time I had done most of the products there are to do and I was bored. Modeling is limited and after sometime it stagnates. It was a lot of hard work. No bad experiences at all which is good. And it helped in making memories much better and work much better and it was over all very good."

On what basis do you decide whether to take up a particular film?

KIM: "For me it`s a lot of things, the most important being the director. It doesn`t have to be a big director, it can be a new director, but somewhere down the line mentally I have to feel a connection because I`m more of a director`s actress. I would perform for the person, unless the person doesn`t get it out of me I couldn`t care less. Second comes the role. 


I`m not saying I want to do arty roles where I am the central focus of the film. It may as well just be six songs, it may be like a David Dhawan film which is fine with me. So I don`t have any criteria ke mujhe yeh karna hai who karna hai. It`s just that somewhere down the line when I meet a person or hear a story I should feel that this is good and I would like to work with this person. I am not opposed to doing any kind of work. If it appeals to me I would do it."

On the sets of `Mohabbatein,` it has been heard that Preeti and you got along really well and Shamita was left out of your companies. Comment.

KIM: "If that is the case then that`s a question you`ll have to ask Shamita. Sometimes you just click with some people. I am not saying I don`t like Shamita. She`s a sweet girl. I`ve worked with her for one and a half years and she`s a nice girl but some people you don`t really click with, you`re civil with them. But that doesn`t mean we were pulling each other`s hair out. We were just civil. But Preeti and me clicked. With some people we just have an instant connection, with some you never do for as long as you are with them. So that`s what happened but it was never a conscious effort to leave her out for any reason. It was just that we clicked and she didn`t, so…"

Amitabh and Shah Rukh are considered to be the biggies of the industry. How was it working with them?

KIM: "I didn`t work with them too much. We only met them when we were doing the songs. They`re really nice. You can watch them and learn a lot from them. And more than them being stars and the whole aura about them is that they`re very good professional people. Usually you expect people of their caliber to have a lot of attitude, not be approachable but they were the complete opposite. They were very helpful."


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