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Face to Face with Kareena Kapoor

Your director J P Dutta says you're a perfect natural before the camera. Do you think you are?

I don't fake anything on screen. When I signed Mr J P Dutta's film I knew exactly what I was getting into, though he didn't narrate the script to me. He never does. I knew I could prove myself as an actress in Refugee. I was more keen on proving my acting abilities before showing my expertise in dressing up glamorously and dancing around trees. I wanted to sock a power-packed performance to the audience. I wanted the film industry, the critics and audience to welcome an actress before warming up to the star. Stardom is something transitory. But to be known as a capable actress requires a lot of struggle. I'm very lucky to have got such an opportunity in my very first film. My role in Refugee is a very difficult one. The emotions I had to express weren't completely familiar to me. The adaas and the coyness are just not part of my nature. When people meet me for the first time they go, `Oh my God'


Unlike your sister Karisma you are quite an extrovert, aren't you?

Yes, that's me. So portraying a demure, quiet character in Refugee was quite difficult for me. Both Abhishek and I were allowed to be very spontaneous. Our director didn't brief us about what he wanted us to do until the take. Mr Dutta told us what to do only after the camera was switched on. It was very difficult but ultimately very satisfying. Abhishek and I, we did all our emotional sequences spontaneously. We didn't have to use glycerine even once. I have to say, whatever I know about acting I've learnt from Mr J P Dutta. I have told him I want to be in all his films, irrespective of the role. We all grew so attached to one another. I was weeping on the last day of Refugee. I just can't believe the film is over and ready for release. No matter how many films I do in my career I don't think I'll be able to forget Refugee

You were supposed to play the lead in `Kaho Na Pyar Hai'. Why did you opt out after a few days of shooting?

Nothing actually happened. There were certain things about which the director Mr Rakesh Roshan and I couldn't see eye to eye.


I realised it was going to be Mr Rakesh Roshan making a film for his son. I didn't want any hard feelings when I took a professional decision to back out of Kaho Na Pyar Hai. But evidently there were such feelings from the other side. There was no fight between us. The media made it out to be some kind of a war.

You're already deep into other projects, aren't you?

Towards the fag-end of Refugee I started shooting for Abbas-Mustan's thriller Ajnabee with Akshay Kumar though I didn't sign any other film at that point of time. Then I also signed Subhash Ghai's Yaadein which we are going to start shooting in August



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