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Face to Face with Hrithik Roshan

The question that has raised a lot of controversy and anxiety is when are you tying the knot?

HRITHIK ROSHAN:"Well it is high time now. I should be getting married next year in the real millennium."

What about the casualties that will follow?

HRITHIK ROSHAN:"It should be no problem , my true fans will wish the best for me."

Would you and Suzanne be building your own love nest?

HRITHIK ROSHAN:"No such plans have been made. (Sitting in his drawing room he points to a building under construction right across.) My dad has bought a plot. It is a penthouse but we have not made any plans to move. We will all live under the same roof."

At a time you had said there are 20 Hrithiks in you. Which is the real one ?

HRITHIK ROSHAN: "I am a little less confused now. The number is slowly coming down as people are being cut off and finally there will be only one left- the real one."

What is your opinion on the success of Mission Kashmir?

HRITHIK ROSHAN: "Well I don`t know about that. Probably there are similarities in the character of Amaan and Aftab but it can`t helped now."

The `Coke` ad is fantastic. Do you think only your dad can bring out the best in you?

HRITHIK ROSHAN:"There`s no doubt that he brings out the best in me. See, the actor and director have to absolutely comfortable with each other, there cannot be a barrier. If I am not happy with a particular shot I can go up to him and suggest, "Papa, what if we do the shot in a different manner?" On the sets, we are 2 people trying to bring out the best. With other directors a barrier of respect comes in the way. Similarly, if I am doing a shot badly my dada would yell" what the hell are you doing?`. He would even show me how to do it. He will not ok a shot if he is not satisfied.



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