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Face to Face with Tusshar Kapoor

You acquired your management degree from the University of Michigan. You sure had other plans for your future. Must've been quite a decision to make.

TUSSHAR KAPOOR: " When I went abroad I didn't get into business management right away. I did liberal arts first. And after two years of liberal arts, I got into business school. Yes, it did seem like business then till I realised that I was doing it just for the sake of doing it.
After having completed business school I started working with David Dhawan as an assistant director for 4 to 5 months. That's when I began to get interested in acting. And before I know it, this offer comes up, I like the role, start my training and actually start shooting for the film. The entire process of finally having chosen films over business management was more like a narrowing down process and it wasn't like a mental trauma like 'O my Gawd! Now what do I do? Chal ok, lets get into films?' Films has been a slow and steadily chosen career path."

Every Father wants their son to be even greater than he was in his profession. Weren't there any pressures on you to take up acting as your career on that front, or a compulsive desire for your dad wanting either one of his children to continue what he did?

TUSSHAR: "There was no pressure from his side. He left it open. He wanted us to do exactly what we felt like and films was entirely my decision in the sense that the


offer came to me and then Vashuji met my dad. I saw 'ThodiPrema,' the Telugu film of which it is a re-make, and decided to do it. After having heard my decision Dad just encouraged me from then on.
He said that that he felt I was cut out for acting but he also said that if I wanted to do something else I could go ahead and do it. So it was not as if he was disappointed when I started working towards a business management career in the beginning."

Given a very hypothetical situation, had you not been Jeetuji's son, would it have been more difficult for you to have gotten into the film industry?

TUSSHAR: "I have been very lucky to have gotten this offer. I won't say that I got the film entirely because of Dad. May be I do know people in the industry because of him. So I guess it's a little bit of both. I know people in the industry because of him and may be I was lucky to have suited the character to the hilt that I got this role."

Filmfare Online: : Do you consider 'MKKH' the perfect launch? Wouldn't you rather have had a launch 'Hrithik-style' with having your dad launch you in his home production?

TUSSHAR: "I think 'MKKH' was the perfect launch for me. I would've never wanted to have the 'Hrithik-style' launch, because that was for him - a launch that suited him. 'MKKH' suited me - It's more like me. I have always wanted to make it on my own, not that Hrithik has worked hard because of his dad, he has worked very very hard. But may be because of my education abroad I think I am more of the alone and independent kinds - 'Go and get your own job' kinda thing.""I would've never wanted to have the 'Hrithik-style' launch... I have always wanted to make it on my own"

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