Face to Face with Isha Koppikar
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Face to Face with Isha Koppikar



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Face to Face with Isha Kopikar

Although she did a cameo in 'Fiza' (and has done a number of films down South), Isha Kopikar prefers to call her next film 'Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat' her debut. Here's the pretty lady in a tete-a-tete, on her expectations and her future plans.

Did you always want to be an actress?

Isha Kopikar: "Since my grandfather was a doctor in the army -- he was a G.P. - and my father is a gynecologist and has his own nursing home, I wanted to be a doctor. But destiny had other plans for me. 


I didn't get good marks to get into a medical college and I did not want my father to pay a donation, so I just finished my BSC in life sciences. Then I signed some films down south and last year I did around nine films in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu."

Then this is your first Hindi film?

Isha: Actually, technically my first Hindi film was 'Fiza', but that was only a special appearance as Karisma's friend. So I'd say 'Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat' ('PIAM') is my debut. I did 'Fiza' because I know the producers very well. They even warned me that the role was very small and that no other actress was willing to do it. They needed someone who could act well and looked good too. So I agreed, because I think now the age of being typecast is gone.

How did you clinch the role in 'PIAM'?

Isha: Rajiv had already done the casting for 'PIAM' and he told me that we'd work together another time. But as he finished the second or third draft of the film, the role just happened. It started off with just 2-3 scenes and then just kept getting bigger. I told Rajiv I wanted to work with him, and he agreed. And I guess he was pretty happy with the way I performed and so he really went out of his way to weed my character into the script to such an extent that now it's become a full fledged role, though it's definitely not as meaty as that of Keerti Reddy

Tell us a little about your role in the film.

Isha: I play an NRI, a very bubbly girl, very full of life but not interested in relationships, men, or affairs. She is studying in an American school and she is a friend of Keerti, who's happens to get a scholarship and comes to Glasco University. The film is about these three guys who fall in love with her and how each of them finds their soul mate in the end. I won't reveal who gets Keerti because that will be letting out the climax.

How was it working with Rajiv Rai?

Isha: Amazing. It's one of the best units I've worked with so far. Rajiv is a gem of a person and a thorough gentleman who knows how to deal with people. He ensures that everybody is given equal footage. 'Everybody' means even junior artistes who are in a particular frame at that time, even the people from Glasco. He does not discriminate between his artistes.

Isn't it true that people are very impressed with Rajiv abroad as well?

Isha: Yes, Rajiv is very big in Europe. That's also because he's settled in London. And as far as making a film is concerned, Rajiv is very good with publicity. He is known for that. Even before the film starts, people know that Rajiv Rai is making a film. In fact, when we went to shoot there, people were ready to interview us! Even before I'd shot my first scene! So I asked Rajiv what the hell was I going to tell them? I didn't know anything about the film. I was just doing the film because it was a Rajiv Rai banner.



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