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Face to Face with Fardeen Khan

Polish? Finesse? Class? He's got them all. With the indelible stamp of his dad Feroz Khan and the great upbringing by his closely bonded family, FARDEEN KHAN, can weather any crisis and come out unscathed and on top. It even led the authorities he was dealing with to comment on his 'fine upbringing'. He's proved that by emerging on top with his sincerity, in the recent 'arrest' incident. As well as in his career, becoming the hot new Khan on the block. Here the candid Khan tells us about his experiences, attractions and forthcoming moments. You really can't touch this Khan.

Fardeen, your first controversy (outside of your romantic liaisons). Welcome to the stardom zone. How do you feel?

Fardeen Khan: "I wish I was welcomed to the stardom zone under different circumstances. But anyway, it's not like I have won a gold medal for India. Looking back, it's been an experience that has taught me a lot. I am definitely wiser today than I was a few months ago."

You spent three days in a cell. Something that can shake up the noblest to the most hardened of souls. Tell us a little about the experience inside.

FK: "Definitely. It kind of makes your life flash past through your head. You take a deep breath within yourself and either you make a choice to come out of it, to look at the positive side of it and look forward to a wiser future; or allow it to break to you. And I've made a choice to be positive about it, and to move on in life. Learn from what's happened and take responsibility for what I've done." "I wish I was welcomed to the stardom zone under different circumstances. It's not like I have won a gold medal for India. Looking back, it's been an experience that has taught me a lot. I am definitely wiser today than I was a few months ago."

The Narcotics Chief, Mr. Ubale, went on record to say that you are a thorough gentleman. However, was it your 'polished behaviour' that saw you through? What do you think? 





Do you thank your upbringing at this point?

FK: "What saw me through, more than anything, was that I realized I had broken the law. I was caught. And there's nothing more any one could do about that. I think it was a very gentlemanly atmosphere in terms of the officers, the zonal director, superintendent Keith Sanchez or Rosario. They are all thorough gentlemen themselves. There was 

no reason to behave otherwise. I just conducted myself the normal way. It was very normal behavior. For when you are caught for something, you have to own up for what you have done.You have to take things in your stride and just take it from there. Most importantly, I do feel sorry for what I did, and I guess that must have gone in my favour."

Do you think the controversy pumped up the film ('Pyar Tune Kya Kiya') because suddenly there was a lot of hype around you? Do you think it helped the movie by keeping it in the news?

FK: "I really have no patience to answer this question. But the theory is, yes, it definitely did add publicity to not just 'Pyar Tune…' but also my other films that were on the floors; including 'Hum Ho Gaye Aapke'. But to what extent, so far I can't answer that. I'll have to look at box-office statistics to know exactly. But yes, my films were definitely in the news and they definitely did receive more publicity after this full thing happened. I really have no idea whether it helped for the better or worse." "I have a long legacy of Khans. I have to choose starting from my father, uncles, Shah Rukh, Aamir, Salman.I've got to live up to a lot with all these guys. They aren't going to make my life exactly easy."

Any message to your fans who could have been a little disappointed with you?

FK: "I'm sure I did disappoint them somewhere down the line. I have got a lot of mail, but at the same time they were really happy that I owned up to what I did. They really appreciated that. A lot of them came to see me, wrote lots of letters through newspapers, mails, and it gave me courage. I would also like to thank my friends and family members for all their love and support during this crisis that I faced. But the message I would like to give is that if you come across someone like that or discover something about someone which may deeply affect you, don't shun that person, don't reject them. Give them the love and support they need. That's the only thing that can bring them back, give them strength back so they can fight anything in life."

Well said. So that explains the 'chemistry' between you and your 'Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega' gal, Twinkle, as well.

FK:"I find Twinkle extremely attractive as well. She is beautiful. As I said, as actors we have been given a job, we have to do it. If our films work out well on screen, that doesn't mean anything else. It's just that you are working well. There's nothing more or nothing less. Yet the fact that Twinkle and me have known each other so long, since we were kids, that itself sets a comfort level. And you are not worried about making mistakes in that sense. We trust each other as people and actors."



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