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  Chat it out with Sonali Kulkarni
I think parenting is a major issue that needs to be taken seriously. Most parents have absolutely no clue on how to bring up their kids. I am very much into kids. My sister-in-law has just given birth. I think lots of parents need to take lessons on how to treat kids. We ought to realise that we hold the future of the child in our hands. I have been lucky to have blessed with some really nice parents, who understand me very well. Kids need to understand that they have their own lives to lead. But, our contribution to the future of the kids needs to be constructive. My folks were cultured and healthy. And they were there for me in every phase of my life. Their contribution to my life has been tremendous. I owe whatever I am to them, in a way. And I think parents should give children the freedom to do what they like. Offer them the freedom of choice.

I think as human beings we need to become aware of our behaviour. You know, make these little changes in us. Whether it is declaring our passion or even being litterbugs. We ought to realise what we are doing and what every act of ours entails. Be conscious and determine the cause of our actions. And its consequences. That should be the motive of our existence.




Chat with Sonali Kulkarni


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