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  Chat it out with Sanjay Dutt
It's the worst affliction one can suffer from. Ask me. I've been there. I know how it is. And believe me, even today I cringe when I think of those days. I've gotten over it, thanks to the support from my fans, family and friends, but it wasn't easy. That is the reason why I feel strongly about this, and I always go out of my way if I can help in this regard. If I can make a difference to people who have fallen prey to drugs, I would consider my efforts well rewarded. I would also like to send a message to the family and friends of such people. I would like to tell them to hang in there. Don't give up on them when they need you the most. It is your support and love that will help drug addicts overcome this dreaded phase in their lives.
I think this is one topic that needs to be more seriously handled. It's disheartening to see when people talk about the topic, and then just forget about it. I think the new emmision laws will go a long way in reducing the pollution in Mumbai, but only if taken seriously. People need to understand that these laws are for their own good. If we don't take care of the environment now, how can we face our children, who will inherit it after us? Also, more care needs to be taken of our parks and gardens. Many a times we see parks that are not maintained at all. It is shocking that a metro like Mumbai has so few large parks worth talking about.
Charity begins at home. And Mumbaikars have proved it with their generosity towards the recent tragedy in Gujarat. It was heartening to see that everybody, right from stars to the common man went out of their way to lend a helping hand. I think this is the best proof of the human side of a metro like Mumbai. More often than not, the city is derided because of it fast life and lack of compassion, but we have proved everybody wrong. I feel proud to see dad work the way he does, selflessly, helping others. There is a lesson for all of us here.
I think after all that one sees around us, I don't need to point out that corruption is the biggest culprit in our country. It is astounding to see that corruption has permeated right from the top echelons of our society to the bottom. It is sad when the very people who we entrust our country and our lives with, let us down. I don't know how true all that is written is, but I do believe that a totally transparent system of governance is necessary to clean up the system.





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