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  Chat it out with Rahul Bose
I wish I could bring in our political and government systems more accountability. There seems to be a certain sense of complacency in the attitude of us Indians. We’ve resigned to being what we are and no longer want to be responsible fore our actions. I think accountability and responsibility are the real signs of a democracy having truly taken shape. I believe this is something India seriously lacks. Everyone is laidback and comfortable about the fact that things are going on about the way they are. Everyone knows the system is in bad shape and we even complain about it. But that’s just about all we will do
I’d like to change fundamentalism of all kinds. I think this country has too much of division naturally in terms of language, races, people, places. We don’t need any more of the factions to cause more trouble. I’d like to change that if I could. To bring an openness of outlook in people’s minds about how they should and must live together.
We’d like to believe we’re a very tolerant country but we’re not. We’re not tolerant of the older citizens around us, we’re not tolerant of our faults, our many religions and our natures, I think India needs a more patient population right now. There is restlessness in her people that is threatening to destroy.

There’s a lot of energy set on criticizing the ‘system’; so to speak. When the truth is that we are the system. We make it. We break it. I believe if there is one thing I could get this nation to do it would be for all of us to take action and put in a concerted effort to change things and take of the situation and the way it is. I believe if one cannot change things or one does not have the inclination to better a situation despite having the power to do so, one must not complain about it. If we have the energy to crib and complain, we must also want enough to change it. If not, stay quiet and accept things the way they are because we have brought it ourselves.




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