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  Chat it out with Anil Kapoor
"Everybody talks about pollution and corruption, but those are such city-based issues. And there are so much more uncovered rural areas we need to look at. Nobody bothers about education - which I think is the basic requirement to eradicate all evil. It is only when you educate people about what is right and wrong that they will understand why it is not right to do something. Only then will they understand the full repercussions of their actions."
"It is all very well to talk about computerizing the economy and providing the latest technology right down to the village level, but have people actually gone and visited these villages and seen their plight? You will be surprised to see that most of them don't even have proper electricity connections. How do you expect them to even dream of one-day accessing computers? Leave alone deriving the advantages of the latest in technology."
"In far flung places and deserts, even drinking water is out of the question. When people don't get the basic amenities that they are entitled to, how can one expect them to move ahead in life? For such people 'growth' is merely a word that politicians use to gain votes - nothing more."



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