Ek Rishta - Review
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Ek Rishta - Review
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Ek Rishtaa


Vijay Kapoor (Amitabh Bachchan) is a business tycoon, who has built his empire after years of struggle. His son Ajay (Akshay Kumar) has studied abroad and intends to get into the IT profession (wrong profession to get into these days). Rajesh Purohit (Mohnish Bahl) who is in awe of Kapoor Sr. presents himself to Vijay in such a way that he is instantly roped into the family business. Rajesh being an ace at solving crosswords wins Vijay Kapoor's daughter Preeti's (Juhi Chawla) heart and the shaadi ceremonies soon follow. (Another lesson: Be careful when you ask somebody to help you solve a crossword - could be quite an emotional situation).

Father and son have different ways of thinking and different ways of doing business. And somewhere along the line, go there own separate ways. Vijay Kapoor soon finds himself in a financial crisis and is shocked to find out that his factory and house is all at stake. All this courtsey Rajesh whose only dream is to become a rich and successful businessman. And conning such a big industrialist as Vijay Kapoor sure seems to be an easy job. Preeti inspite of hearing about hubby's misdoings by default continues to live with him. Till one fine day (Raksha Bandhan) she asks Ajay to take her back home. Life is back to normal when the family gets together, and the worker's union that posed a problem earlier decide to be righteous.


Having read the above one will notice that Nisha (Karisma Kapoor) who is wife to Ajay in the film doesn't have any role in the film except a few jhatkas and of course enhancing the complexity factor in the story line, which is already so complex. Vijay Kapoor has 3 daughters and 1 son. The other two daughters (besides Juhi Chawla) are there just so that they get to sing together.

The concept of generation gap, which ultimately is what the film is about, is unique but wasn't exploited at all in the film. There is an unwanted 'typical' rigmarole like superfluous song sequences. Even the special appearances fail to remain special.

Performance wise, Amitabh Bachchan goes beyond excellence as usual and the surprise element is that Akshay is looking good and has done a commendable job. This sure seems to be his best performance till date. Guess he was well 'inspired' by the Big B. And this duo is definitely the only surviving factor of the film.

At one point in time, when Karisma is pregnant in the film (reel life), Juhi looks pregnant too (real life), when she isn't pregnant in the film. The storyline could surely have made minor adjustments to incorporate the can't-be-helped-much situation.

If you have to see the film because it has the Bachchan in it, we suggest you might as well see a 'Sholay' or a 'Deewar' at home. And if you want to see Akshay, he's looking good in lenses.

But otherwise three hours is a lot of time to waste.
Note: The extra star given by us is only because of the starcast and their sincere efforts in giving a film that lacks substance their best shot. A lost opportunity for Suneel Darshan who could've made this one, ace quality.



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