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See Spot Run
Gordon (David Arquette) is a mailman facing the perennial problem of dogs on his daily run. Agent 11 (Dog) is a FBI agent who has stopped being a regular dog and refuses to fetch the ball when he encounters James, the son of Gordon's neighbour. Incidentally, Agent 11, the dog has escaped because the mafia don (Paul Sorvino) has put his guys out on the road to kill Spot, because Spot is responsible for bitten off his testicle!!! After much hullabaloo over the dog in the house, with James's mother (Bibb) failing to return home from a business trip and Gordon being in charge of James, the film ends up as a total ordeal. But more on that coming up.

If your kids could enjoy some goo humour with a mafia don's testicles bitten off and replaced by ball bearings, this may still not make up for some timepass entertainment this summer. The film leaves a lot to be desired as regards humour and instead just looks at some crass humour to keep it together. For example, Gordon slipping on Spot's crap and suchlike.

 David Arquette is silly and somewhat irritating and kid Angus is precocious. Some of their scenes together though are a highlight. For instance, when James, who is normally fed on a diet of health food, indulges in sugar cereal and Pepsi while his mom's away. The dog, Spot after whom the film is ironically named has really nothing to do. And one might think the film could have even been entertaining, had his been a substantial role. Instead, relying on David Arquette to do the honours only serves to worsen the ordeal that 'See Spot Run' is.

In the end, not worthy of your time and money. As for the kids, well, they might just hate you for it. Or then, may be not! You'll just have to a big risk there to find out.



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