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The Tailor Of Panama
Harry Pendel, (Rush) with his unpleasant past is now a renowned tailor who has married Elisa (Curtis), an ambitious banker with the Bank of Panama. The couple and their family are settled in Panama city. Harry meets Andrew Oznard, (Brosnan) who is snooping around for the British embassy for details on the Panama canal whose management is rumoured to change hands. Harry spins a tale, involving his ex-revolutionary friends but can't get out of his own trap of lies when it's too late and his friend has killed himself.

Based on the book by John Le Carre, this one just may be interesting stuff for those of you straying away from romantic froth flooding theatres lately.

With names like Geoffrey Rush and Pierce Brosnan involved, the film brings out excellent performances from both men. Brosnan plays a depraved snoop, out to make his money with great ease. Rush, though is rather likeable as the sensible tailor and family-man. He is superb in certain sequences with Brosnan. Jamie Lee Curtis is functional in a small role.

The plot appears well-defined, although we'd say keep your eyes and ears open, or you just might miss what's going on. This one has a super script with the best lines for Rush.

Wit and irony, sarcasm and humour all put together in a film that could well satisfy your appetite for a decent film this weekend.



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