Finding Forrester
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 Finding Forrester

William Forrester is a Salinger type personality, who is known for one Pulitzer prize-winning novel and then goes into seclusion. He leads an isolated life, until he encounters the sensitive and persistent Jamal Wallace, a teenaged black kid in need of guidance. Friendship develops and the two bring about a change in each other's life.

A sensitive portrayal of friendship between a cynical, old genius and a bright-eyed kid seeking direction, 'Finding Forrester' is a kind of film that one watches again, with it growing on you. And there aren't too many films that grow on you, now are there?

Sean Connery is absolutely stunning as the frustrated man with just one hobby, bird watching and a passion in reading and writing. A role one has never seen him before in, he impresses with a brilliant portrayal of this genius, Forrester wasting away with memories of the past. Rob Brown, a newcomer who plays Jamal Wallace shows considerable talent. With a certain vulnerability etched on his face, Rob holds his own despite being pit against the veteran.
Rich in emotions and full of real people, the film is a satisfying journey into the lives of people. The film is like a finely embroidered carpet, with each thread woven into place, lending it a fine colour and a smooth texture. Director Gus Van Sant delves into the characters to bring out subtle insights into them as people. Technically, the camera work is excellent, whether its caressing the sets of Forrester's home or capturing the vigourous basketball game that Jamal plays. The use of light too adds to the texture of the film.

Don't expect froth here! Or a chicken soup for the soul! This is a tale straight from the heart.




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