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Ongole is situated 450 km away from Hyderbad, 138 km away from Vijayawada and 109 km away from the city of Guntur. The ancient town has a well connectivity with the trunk road of Chennai-Howrah situated just beside it.

Following the references found, the town was under the rule of Mauryas back in 250 BC. Later, with the rise of Budhhism several stupas were constructed in the age of Sathavahanas. The Chinna Ganjam village of Ongole still has some inscriptions of that time. After Sathalavahanas, Kakatiya dynasty ruled the place with its glory and grandeur. The ancient sea ports of Voda Revu and Motupalli are the reflection of that majestic past.

The reference of Ongole is also found in the ancient inscriptions of Pallava dynasty, dated back 3rd century AD. Later on several other powerful rulers of Ikshavaku, Vijayanagar, Qutub Shahi, Mughal dynasties have left deep imprints of their cultural taste, artistic patronage and gorgeous splendor. Today the city has become a center of commercial activities with high export rate of cereals, dairy products, pepper, cigars, groundnuts, pulses, and its special breed of oxen, the Ongole Gitta.

With its rich historical, cultural, religious and architectural past, the place is significant for many small and magnificent temples. The best places of interest of Ongole are

- The Temple of Chennakesava Swamy: This is a temple constructed in the 18th century. The temple is well-known for its architectural beauty. People throng here from faraway places to visit the beautiful sculpture of Chennakesava along with Goddess Lakshmi.

- The Shrine of Kashi Visweswara Swamy: This shrine was built in the last century, in 1945. This shrine is also very pious to the devotees of Addala Mandapam.

- The Beach of Kothapatnam: Not only witnessing artistic and religious expressions, but also Ongole offers a fun spot full of activities as well as quiet sea side rest. The beach of Kothapatnam is a popular recreational place among the tourists.

Map of Ongole

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