Tamil Nadu Adventures



A Tropical land with evergreen forests, dry decidious/thorn forests and scrubs covered hill ranges, Tamil Nadu offers sylvan trails for trekking admirers. The places of trekking are Udhagamandalam, Anamalai Hills, Kodaikkanal, Elagiri Hills, Kolli Hills, and Kalakkadu Mundathurai.

Aqua Sports

The seas on Coromandel coast are rough and strong and rolling, suitable for surfing, but in places they are rocky. Backwaters are there to provide you shallow water spreads for wind surfing.

Wind Surfing

35 kms south of Chennai lies Muttukadu. It is an ideal location for windsurfing.


Angling is an interesting pastime for the tourists. There are several water resources in Tamil Nadu, which are identified for Angling. In the Nilgiri's the waters of Mukkurthi Lake and the river, Gurmund river and reservoir, Avalanchi and Emarald river, Peermund, Chambar, Kallkundi Streams, Upper Bhavani Reservoir, Bilitha dakulla River, Bhavani Puzha, Aradha Puzha, Parsons Valley Stream and Reservoir, Kings Dhar Stream, Western Catchment Reservoir, Thirupanthurai, Emeri Puzha, Silent Valley streams etc are the water for excellent trout fishing. In Kodaikkanal hills, trout streams are Pulavachiyar and Konalar. Carp fishing is recommended in kodi lake. In addition the state's 900 kms long coastal line provides you for ample marine fishing.


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