Shree Ganesha Pancharatnam


I prostrate before Lord Vinayaka,
who holds modaka in his hand with great joy,
who bestows salvation,
who wears the moon as a crown on his head,
who is the sole leader of those who have no leaders,
who destroyed the elephant demon named Gajasura,
and who quickly destroyed the sins of those who bow down to him.

I resort to that Lord continuously,
who is frightening to those who are not his devotees,
who shines like the rising sun,
to whom all the Gods and demons bow,
who removes the great distress of his devotees,
and who is the Best among the best.

I bow to the shining Ganapati
who brings happiness to all the worlds,
who destroyed the demon Gajasura,
who has a big belly,
beautiful elephant-face,
who is immortal,
who gives mercy, forgiveness and happiness
to those who bow to Him,
and who bestows fame and a well-disposed mind.

I worship the ancient elephant-god
who destroys the pains of the poor,
who is the abode of 'Om',
who is the first son of Lord Shiva (destroyer of the triple cities),
who destroys the pride of the enemies of the gods,
who is frightening to look at during the time of the world's destruction,
who is fierce like the elephant in rut, a
nd who wears Dhananjaya and other serpents as his ornaments.

I constantly reflect upon that single-tusked god only,
whose lustrous tusk is very beautiful,
who is the son of Lord Shiva, the god of death,
who tears asunder all obstacles,

and who dwells forever in the heart of Yogis.

He, who recites every morning, with devotion,
these five gems about Lord Ganapati,
and who remembers in his heart the great-Ganesha,
will soon be endowed
with a healthy life,
free of all blemishes,
will obtain learning,
good sons,
spiritual and material prosperity.



Book:  The Broken Tusk: Stories of Lord Ganesha

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